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Empowering Professionals, Guiding Patients

Equipping patients with self-care tools while enriching providers' knowledge to deliver comprehensive and holistic care.

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Our Role

Buddi fosters connections between mental health professionals and patients, empowering them with valuable insights to bridge the gap to effective care. With a focus on patient empowerment and knowledge enrichment, we equip individuals with tools for self-care, while supporting healthcare providers in delivering high-quality, patient-centered care, transforming the healthcare landscape for holistic well-being.


Our Case Study

We implemented Buddi in 136 universities and discovered:


Felt more comfortable conveying emotions on Buddi then live counseling sessions


Would use our service if it were to be made available at their university


Rated their experiebce as "very helpful" in aiding their emotional situation

Who We Help

Colleges & Universities

University counselors offer tailored support, address unique challenges, and foster a positive campus environment that promotes student well-being, academic success, and personal growth.

Clinical Providers

In clinical settings, professionals offer customized treatment plans, address specific needs, and provide unwavering support on the path to recovery, guided by comprehensive patient understanding.

Sport Organizations

Sports organizations optimize athletes' performance by providing comprehensive support, addressing performance-related challenges, and fostering a culture of mental well-being.

K-12 Education

With deep understanding of students' well-being, high school counselors provide personalized support, address specific challenges faced by teenagers, and cultivate a nurturing environment for well-being, academic achievement, and personal growth.

Experience Empowered Care

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