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Why Partner?

In an ever-changing world, mental health has become an increasingly important topic to discuss with everyone, especially college students.

Balancing and maintaining life from academics and extracurriculars to their social environment, students need a platform to let their thoughts go. Buddi is here to provide an exclusive student platform for students to share their thoughts, feelings, and vent about anything, and everything. 

Our never-ending user-base of constant high school and college students look to Buddi and their partnerships to provide dependable and verified resources on our For You page. Your company can be part of the movement.

Interested in partnering or advertising on Buddi? Contact


How can we Partner?

Grab a spot on our For You page! Students can learn more about your company and be driven to your company's page. These resources are fixed, so you will be remembered!
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Place an advertisement on our Community page! This is where a lot of action happens! Fixed or not, students will find your ad!
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