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​A semi-anonymous community enables users to focus on sharing their genuine thoughts and feelings, rather than their faces. 

Students can narrow their feed by university name or hashtag!

There are also safety measures in place! If a student displays an imminent threat to self or others, campus security, professional resources, and authorities may be notified.

Find a Buddi

A live text chat to find someone to talk to in real-time. Some thoughts can't wait, so we ensure a Buddi will be there for you.

Users that select Share has something to share, while those who select Listen are volunteering their time to listen and guide another student.
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For You

In our Articles section, Buddi combines the perspectives and insight of student journalists and mental health field experts.

In addition, Resources recommends top mental wellness App Store applications, professional help resources, and any active Buddi discounts students can use!

Exclusive to Students

Through university verification and timeline monitoring, Buddi ensures all users are active university students. Students can be confident that any app interaction is with students no more than one year past graduation!
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And these are just the basics.

With more features on the way, the Buddi platform is only growing!
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