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Your solution to a happier campus.

Buddi is the first college student-exclusive, peer support app.

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Our Partners

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Our Promise

Why Institutions Choose Buddi

By Students, For Students


Students know students best. Our team leverages active student feedback to cater app functions to what they need, not what institutions think they need.

Create Community


There is a place for everyone. Students have a home at Buddi, with endless opportunities to connect and empathize with their peers.

Better Mental Health


Between our student listeners, clinical advisors, vetted resources, and strategic partners, we are all in for catering to students' needs.

Clinical Advisory


Our advisory team is fluent in professional & crisis counseling, social work, and academic psychology. Their recommendations fuel Buddi's decisions.

Recent Study of 136 Institutions

College students truly love Buddi


Felt more comfortable discussing emotions on the Buddi App 


Would use peer-to-peer services if made available


Of students found their session "very helpful"


Colleges see results with peer therapy

Sarah, Student Counseling Center Director 

"Peer counseling has been a valuable resource for our students. The peer counselors are trained to listen, provide support, and offer resources to help students navigate through personal, academic, and social challenges. Our students have reported feeling more connected to the campus community and better able to manage their stress and emotions as a result of participating in peer counseling."
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