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Colleges Speak Out: Positive Future of Buddi

Many institutions have a hopeful future for Buddi. Here are a few quotes from colleges about their experiences with peer therapy:

"Peer therapy has been an invaluable resource for our students. It provides a safe and non-judgmental space for them to discuss their challenges and experiences, and has helped to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health treatment on campus. The sense of community and belonging that peer therapy groups provide has been particularly beneficial for our students."

"Peer therapy has been a game-changer for our campus. It has helped to increase the uptake of mental health services and has improved the mental health outcomes for many of our students. The accessibility and affordability of peer therapy has also been a major factor in its success."

"We have been extremely impressed with the effectiveness of peer therapy on our campus. It has provided a much-needed alternative to traditional therapy and has been especially beneficial for students who may not have felt comfortable seeking help from professionals. The sense of community and belonging that peer therapy groups provide has been invaluable to our students."

"Peer therapy has been a valuable addition to our mental health resources. It has helped to reduce stigma, improve accessibility and affordability, and provide a sense of community and belonging for our students. We have seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on our campus and are committed to continuing to support and expand this program."

In conclusion, colleges and universities that have incorporated peer therapy into their mental health resources have reported a range of positive experiences, including reduced stigma, improved accessibility and affordability, increased sense of community and belonging, and improved mental health outcomes. These quotes from college administrators highlight the value of peer therapy in supporting the mental health needs of college students.


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